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Generating the ellipsis character on Mac, Windows, and Linux

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Written by Thomas Steiner.

Generating the ellipsis character on Mac, Windows, Linux

Maybe this comes in handy for someone else besides me: to generate the ellipsis character ("")* on a Mac keyboard, press [Option] + [;] on a QWERTY keyboard, and (more logic) [Option] + [.] on a QWERTZ keyboard. [Option] is also known as [Alt] for all Mac newbies. Typography geeks might love this, but I'm also looking at you, anonymous Twitter user, where every character counts... (โ† three dots, pun intended).

Addendum 1: Danny Ayers points out that on Linux you can use [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [u] (for Unicode) and then [2], [0], [2], [6], [Enter]. Or … in HTML.

Addendum 2: Georg Portenkirchner points out that on Windows you can press and hold [Alt], and then press [0], [1], [3], [3] on the numpad, and finally release [Alt]. He writes five keystrokes for three dots -- that's just stupid (and probably why nobody uses the correct ellipsis). Nothing to be added to that…

*) The ellipsis character is also known as "three dots", "triple dots", "dot, dot, dot", or "\ldots" in LaTeX, or as HTML entity "…").