iPhone 3.1.2 Update Hints and Reminders

iPhone 3.1.2 Update Hints and Reminders

I have taken the small, but still important step from iPhone 3.1 to iPhone 3.1.2 (mostly important because of the fix of the coma mode bug, iPhone OS 3.1.2 Changelog). My previous manual tweaks after a firmware update list has saved me a great amount of time for this task.

I decided to buy PkgBackup, and it saved most of my Cydia packages, however, I lost some files, mainly because I did not pay enough attention. Thus adding to the list two stupid reminders:

Things to keep in mind
  • Backup Cycorder videos
  • Backup MxTube videos

Additional manual tweaks
What are your iPhone update stories? Did I miss something?

Update 1

The missing carrier logo bug can be fixed by accessing
/var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle ## symbolic link
Then edit
Search for
and delete the plaintext carrier name (in my example "T-Mobile"). You should end up with