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APIlity 1.12.0 finally released

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Written by Thomas Steiner.

APIlity 1.12.0 finally released

It has been some time since the last release, but today the brand-new version 1.12.0 of APIlity finally went public. You can download APIlity directly from SourceForge.

Attention: this release MODIFIES the interface of various elementary functions. Please read the Changelog carefully.

This release adds a whole bunch of features, bug fixes, and improvements:
  • Added conversion optimizer support for Campaigns.
  • Added CPC bidding for placement-targeted Campaigns.
  • Two new fields, budgetAmount and budgetPeriod, replace dailyBudget in Campaigns.
  • New function removeCriterionList to remove several Criteria at a time.
  • New function getCustomizedKeywordListEstimate that allows you to receive the same results as with the tool at https://adwords.google.com/select/TrafficEstimatorSandbox.
  • Added support for the ContentPlacement report type.
  • Fixed many documentation bugs
  • Many more minor bug fixes.
Hope you like the new release.