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REST Describe in the news and Road Map

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Written by Thomas Steiner.

REST Describe in the news and Road Map

Ajaxian logoDion Almaer over at Ajaxian has blogged about yesterday's Beta release of REST Describe. Now I am looking forward to receiving some sort of feedback, and hopefully some more WADL files for existing REST Web Services. In addition to that, a short Road Map of what I am planning for the next release:

Plans for the v0.2 release:
  • Add a Grammar and Includes Discoverer server-side component that parses the output of a request in order to find the contained grammars and includes. Because of the same origin policy limitation of today's Ajax implementations in browser this has to be proxied on the server.
  • Add the possibility to upload WADL files, parse them, and have them displayed nicely in the WADL tree in order to make modifications to the file. This will be either a simple textarea where you can paste the WADL file, or (probably later because of security concerns) a server-side upload.
Plans for later releases:
  • Let users save their WADLs on the server.
  • Add the possibility to create code from WADLs (I call this feature REST Compile)
  • Have some spider extract links from API documentation for easier batch URI analysis. I am pretty sure that something like this has been implemented before.
Thanks Patrick and John for your ideas so far. Again, due to the relatively broad coverage this project has gained, I would like to point to the fact that this is not an official Google product.

Image from ajaxian.com