R.I.P. Alturo - Switching my web hoster

Alturo LogoR.I.P. Alturo - Switching my web hoster

With the re-structuring of United Internet, my former web hoster Alturo has been shut down. According to the company, the market has changed enormously, and prices have gone down. Thus, the brand could no longer be maintained in a profit-making way.

Alturo offers its former customers the possibility to move to 1&1, another sub-company of United Internet. After a quick evaluation of the present web hosting market, I found other companies offering the same features (MySQL database, PHP, SSH, FTP upload, CGIs) either for a bit less, or a lot more than I was paying before. Basically, there are many discounters offering very attractive and cheap hosting packages, and there are established and well-known companies offering not very attractive and quite limited packages for a lot of money.

Finally, I decided to accept the Alturo offer (1&1 Home), now paying almost double the price I paid before, and getting almost the same list of features, however, only 1/3 of the web space I had before. Anyway, maybe I am getting wise, old and conservative, but I need to confess that quality has its price, and I am now willing to pay it. Hopefully I will not need to switch my hosting provider again, and hopefully you have read the 'me-getting-wise' part, Dad…