APIlity 1.3.0 released (obligatory upgrade)

Dear APIlity users,

The latest release of APIlity is ready.

Please note: this is a major release and an upgrade is obligatory until March 27.

The complete ChangeLog can be seen here.

This release introduces the API versioning feature and allows developers to use v2 and v3 in parallel until v2 gets deactivated.

Furthermore separated content bidding is introduced. This feature has an impact on the object structures of AdGroups and Campaigns. Please view the detailed changes here.

Another new feature is the KeywordTool which is useful for finding new Keywords apart from a website or already existing keywords. The introduction of this tool influences the APIlity structure. Please view the detailed changes here.

The upgraded docs reflect all these changes and provide samples for getting started.

Hope you like the new release.

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