This account is empty => Hotfix for APIlity 1.1.0

Dear APIlity users,

Thanks to a bug report from Maciej Marczuk, I could finally reproduce
the "This account is empty" error which some users reported. The
problem is based on the way PHP treats empty or unset variables in the
Linux and Windows version of PHP. In some very specific cases (OS, PHP
configuration and especially the particular AdWords account contents),
this behaviour caused APIlity to think an account was empty, even if it
was not, and made the script stop.

A hotfix of the library file concerned is available.

  1. Download the file
  2. Delete the existing file Campaign.php in the ./lib/ directory
  3. Copy the downloaded file in the ./lib directory
  4. Rename it to Campaign.php

To avoid further confusions, I have improved the error message in case
of the attempt to access an "empty" account (where "empty" means that
an account contains no, or only deleted Campaigns). I apologize for the
inconvenieces this bug has caused. Mea maxima culpa… This hotfix
outdates the FAQ response given before.

Hope this helps and finally fixes the problem. If not, please let me
know. Thanks.

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