APIlity 1.0.1 released

Dear APIlity users,

Google AdWords logoThe latest release of APIlity is ready. This one took a little longer but after a long coding marathon it is finally ripe to be pushed into the wild. Click here to downloaded APIlity.

The complete release notes can be seen here. This release includes some new features like:

  • GeoTargets
    Now supports all GeoTargets (cities, countries, metros, regions)
    this comes along with changes to the object structure of Campaign objects.
    The old "countries" attribute has been replaced by two new attributes:
    1) "geoTargetType" attribute
    2) "geoTargets" attribute

  • Test Suite
    APIlity now comes with a complete test suite (view the Readme_TestSuite.txt file for details)

  • Documentation
    The documentation (mainly index.html) was updated and now covers all changes. Check the docs out here.

Nathan White also pointed to a possible security issue with authentication.ini. Please read the "Getting started" section of the docs. Nothing to worry about, but to be aware of.

The next release will finally introduce the in-doc samples (I wanted to push the release now, samples can be copied & pasted from the test suite meanwhile). In addition to that APIlity will include the Criterion service. It is planned to support the best out of both worlds transparently till the Keyword service gets disabled.

Does anyone already have a Criterion.php implementation? If so feel free to become part of the APIlity developer crew by emailing it to tomac AT google DOT com. Thanks in advance for your contribution to the APIlity project!