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Living on a jet plane... NASA Ames Research Center

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Written by Thomas Steiner.

Living on a jet plane... NASA Ames Research Center
From June till August I am an intern at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Google having an arrangement on research collaboration with NASA Ames, I am living pretty close in the NASA Ames Research Center which definitively is a really weird place to stay. The Ames Research Center was founded in 1939 and till 2003 hosted the largest wind tunnel in the world. There is a huge hangar whose dimensions can be captured best when looking at a satellite image of the NASA Ames air field. Actually, the hangar is an asbestos ruin which no one wants to tear down, and so it just remains a building which widely dominates the landscape as can be seen on the attached images.

The hangar in a historic view. It used to host blimps (Zeppelins) like the Hindenburg.

View on the wind tunnel.
Images from nasa.gov and ccastronomy.org