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APIlity 1.0.1a released

Created on and categorized as Work.
Written by Thomas Steiner.

Dear APIlity users,

The latest release of APIlity is ready.

This release includes just small fixes:

  1. TrafficEstimator service
    APIlity now reflects the changes in the TrafficEstimate service
    • new attribute "clicksPerDay"
    • removed attributes "impressions", "ctr", "notShownPerDay"

  2. Documentation
    The documentation has been changed to a proper CSS-based layout.

  3. View the complete ChangeLog.

    An update is recommended to avoid errors with the changed WSDL in the
    TrafficEstimator service

    I am currently about to re-design the docs. I would like syntax-highlighted samples, an easy-to-maintain XML reference file and an automatically generated XHTML file which looks good in all browsers and can be used offline and online (i.e. I don't want to maintain two files for the online docs and the shipped docs). This seems to be a little much and I am either not supporting all browsers or need to do the syntax highlighting manually as I cannot get the XSL-generated PHP code interpreted. I keep working to find a solution which works and which I can live with.